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Fresh Bar Smile

Fresh Bar Smile

So fresh… so good… this is our slogan!

We are a firm with a long experience in the field of freshly squeezed juice and healthy combinations of different types of fresh juices.

As time went by, we came to the idea that we want to make our clients’ lives easier by offering them a selection of healthy and exciting drinks in an easy way – which means right to their home or office. And because we want to give our clients the best, we offer them cold pressed juices, to make their life healthier and tastier.

Our aim is to offer good-quality, healthy and affordable products to our clients.

The firm’s team insists on our fruits and vegetables’ good quality, hygiene, and good selection.

These fruits and vegetables have been carefully selected, we prefer using Bulgarian producers and insist on the best quality that is available during the respective season.
We wash each fruit and vegetable before they are placed in the processing machines. It is a rule that we work with gloves.

The workplace hygiene is our first rule, which we never compromise on.

We are not just offering you a bottle of fresh juice; we offer you a piece of our energy and enthusiasm.

We are loaded with many ideas, healthy combinations, energy drinks, and everything you may or may not have imagined as a possible juice combination. Just let your imagination flow, and we offer you to accept the challenge of getting into this delight, which is so good both for your body and for your soul.

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